July 29th, 2012

Politics - Feminism

So now rape victims get hush orders?

Seems that there are two rapists in Kentucky who pled guilty, but whose lawyers got an order to keep the RAPE VICTIM from talking about it or mentioning the names of her abusers -- they took pictures, by the way, and spread them all over their high school because not only are they subhuman slime but exhibitionists.

This is all sorts of verified, by the way - it's way beyond Snopes. Sounds like an urban legend, doesn't it though?

The contempt charge generated by Savannah's frustrated and anguished tweet of the names of her assaulters has been dropped because the rapists' lawyers aren't as stupid as they look at first glance. Well... one of them isn't.
Chris Klein, an attorney for one of the boys, said publicizing their names may create problems for them in the future.
AWWWWW... REALLY? What a SHAME that might happen, that WILL FREY and AUSTIN ZEHNDER might actually have to pay for their actions.

We can discuss forgiveness later. Like, a few decades from now.