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Food pictures post

Irrelevantly:  The fragging dogs tried to eat my butterfly pea seeds and did eat my freakin' tailor's chalk [gets very loud at dogs and very sullen in general]. No, I don't know how they reached either. Pictures of the ingrates to follow once I can get them uploaded and labelled.


Here are some of the pictures of the food I wreaked made/assembled/played with over the weekend. What you pretty much don't see due to careful staging and clever cropping is the subsequent mess....

Jyubako #3 + bento + onigiri, overview Jyubako #3, top Jyubako #3, bottom Bento and onigiri box for #3
Jyubako #3 + bento + onigiri, overview

I had food to use up, see, so Flor got all this stuff dumped on her....
Jyubako #3, top

Three-or-four-colour cauliflower/red bell pepper tsukemono (quick pickles, although the term applies for slow pickling too); two hard-boiled egg fishies - yes, the blue things - with shoyu 'carrots' and rice vinegar 'cucumbers' tucked in.
Jyubako #3, bottom

Plain rice with an egg 'pumpkin' - yeah, it looks like a chrysanthemum, not my fault. Rainbow-coloured tamagoyaki (slightly sweet rolled omelet) of inexperienced-cooking loose texture; a golden apple of Japanese 7-flavour pepper, tamari fishies and Swamp Mustard piggies.
Bento and onigiri box for #3

Bento: a plain-rice version of o-sekihan (red azuki beans and rice) re-steamed with a cup of dashi.

Onigiri: Hibiscus rice onigiri on top, mushed a bit to fit under the lid; raw carrots sprinkled with goma shio (sesame seeds and salt condiment), with a pink apple of balsamic vinegar and a carrot of shoyu.

Hibiscus rice: In the rice cooker, combine about 2 or 3 cups of washed regular Japanese rice with roughly 2 tbsp of dried roselle hibiscus calyx, a handful of organic dried cranberries, about a 1/4-cup of POM juice, a drop or 3 of yellow food colouring to balance the tint and 1/4-tsp of salt to enhance. Steam per directions with a little extra water to compensate for the cranberries. Five-spice seasoning may be dashed in before cooking to add depth of flavour.

Tamagoyaki pan Tamagoyaki pan, CU Rainbow tamagoyaki Finished rainbow
Tamagoyaki pan

Purchased at (Cost Plus) World Market. It might be a Joyce Chen, I forgot to notice *blush*.
Tamagoyaki pan, CU

A closer shot with a future victim to show proportions. It was smaller than I expected, but cooked bigger. I know, that doesn't really make sense.
Rainbow tamagoyaki

In progress. Obviously I'm up to the green layer, having started with plain, then pink, by adding a drop or two of food colouring to each ladleful of egg mixture (to the right).
Finished rainbow
The sliced product, after a bit of rolling and squeezing. You can see how separate the layers are, which means I =still= didn't do it right. At least it's better than last time....
Cross-section Sliced rainbow

Another view of the rainbow tamagoyaki.
Sliced rainbow

The portioned tamagoyaki - I got to eat the ends.



May. 31st, 2007 12:16 am (UTC)
Wahhh! I had already decided on either Chinese or buffet for my birthday, and now you're making me crave Japanese, too!

May. 31st, 2007 12:33 am (UTC)
Wahhh! You're gonna be having a birthday party and I can't make it!


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