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Short form: I really liked it.

I got to work on my movie backlog - no, not the copies of Big and Elizabeth from Debbie, but stuff on big screens -- I got to see Captain America, the First Avenger last night. The not-quite-as-short-form was that there were a couple of moments, things Steve Rogers said, that really resonated for me. No, I did not recognise the Welsh scenes, mostly because every-bloody-thing in that movie was wearing so much (well done!) digital makeup, they could have used my college hostel room and I wouldn't have been able to tell. Hardly a detraction or a distraction, though. I'm hoping the costume designer gets nominated, you rarely see a superhero uniform so flawlessly realised as the Captain's 'showgirl' version uniform - and then they got practical. Very clever.

(Everything is better with Tommy Lee Jones driving.)

Nota bene, for actor-watchers: The uncanny Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) is also starring in a movie called The Devil's Double, which is probably about as far away from being Howard Stark as the actor could get. Impressive range.
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