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Happy Sting's Birthday, everyone.

I meant to post here two days ago, and it slipped my mind - hah. Just a decade-mark, after all, although it was quieter than that suggests. My friend Debbie treated me to ParaNorman, which is both hand-animated (such a rarity nowadays) and very good. Trope inversions can be rather striking when done well. Howard Tayler's seen the movie, but hasn't had time for a review - I'm curious about his take.

My quasi-sister Maizie Jean sent a very nice card (her mother had earlier in the month as well); Debbie also supplied Skor bars with other movie snacks (ply me with toffee, will you? Hee.), a wool throw in hopes that we have winter this year, a copy of the Depp Sweeney Todd and the promise of disc versionS of The Avengers. I have to work on getting a Blu-Ray drive installed to see how their extras work.

Of course, there were also many random and delightful well-wishes in Plurk and e-mail, since I neglected to have those brave few still hanging on here an outlet.

Thank you, everyone. Look, made it another year!
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